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Tree trimming is a job some homeowners view as tedious. Consequently, trees go untrimmed despite the appearance of their homes. However, if left to grow without proper trimming and pruning, you may face more than just an overgrown tree.

  1. Damaged Property Branches from overgrown trees can fall and damage your home, pool, or garage if left unpruned.
  2. Repair Costs Cut any possible costs spent repairing your property or the property of others from large limbs and branches of trees near your home.
  3. Diminished Tree Health Improper pruning or tree trimming allows diseases affecting your trees to overtake and spread from one tree to another. Before you know it, your trees will be stricken with the illness.

Our arborists improve the overall appearance of your trees and landscaping with regular tree maintenance. Contact Integrity Tree Care and Landscaping for tree pruning and tree trimming today.

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Tree Trimmer

Expert Tree Cutting Service for Tyler, TX

It's More than Aesthetic Appeal

Tree Trimmer

Tree Development

Trees pruned to succeed. Establish a dominant branch, proper branch space, and tree structure with early pruning in the first 10 years of your tree life. This practice will give you beautiful trees and prevent problems that can occur later in the tree's life. With our team of arborists, your tree maintenance is simple.

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Healthy Tree

Healthy Trees

Give your larger trees the essential nutrients they need. When you choose to cut off some of the larger branches of large trees, you allow them to use less available nutrients in a maximum way. This practice improves the overall health of your tree and will extend its life span.

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Out on a limb

Trees Tailored to You

We can trim your limbs so they will grow to match your surroundings. Our arborists can mold your trees to be a canopy of green around your home, pool, or other structures. When you choose Integrity Tree Care and Landscaping, we can use our expert knowledge to prune and trim your trees with great care.

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Get Pristine Trimming and Pruning

  1. Contact Us Our team will contact you to schedule an evaluation.
  2. Written Estimate Upon visiting your site and evaluating your tree needs safely, we will provide you with a written estimate.
  3. We Get to Work We'll arrive on time to trim and prune your trees and shrubbery. We will leave your property clean and free of debris too.
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We didn't become tree trimming and pruning experts overnight. We have worked hard to put our 15 years of experience to work, building our business as the trusted tree trimming company for Tyler, TX.

  1. Safety

  2. Quick removal and clean-up

  3. Prompt service

  4. Knowledgeable staff

  5. Insured and Bonded

  6. Free estimates

  7. Emergency tree services

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When you choose Integrity Tree Care and Landscaping, we can use our expert knowledge to prune and trim your trees with great care.

If you need the services of an experienced tree limb removal team in Tyler, TX, we can help. Fast, honest, and reliable service–it's what we do.

Integrity Tree Care & Landscaping: the trusted choice in tree trimming and pruning for Tyler, TX.

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