Stump Grinding

Stump Trouble?

Are you stuck with a stump after a storm took down the tree in your yard? You might think letting it rot over the years is the only solution. After all, what's it going to hurt?

  • Roots Continue to Grow - If the tree that fell was still alive, the roots might still grow and cause you more headaches and possible property damage.
  • Stumps Create Wasted Space - Stumps take up valuable space in your yard for the next tree, garden, or beautiful green grass.
  • An Open Invitation to Pests - Stumps are home to many intrusive pests. These pests can spread to other trees; if the stump is close to your home, they can intrude on your space and cost you thousands in repairs.
  • Stumps are an Eyesore - It's pretty simple. Stumps are just ugly.

At Integrity Tree Care and Landscaping, we offer stump grinding and stump removal for Tyler, TX, so your stump problems are a thing of the past.

Grind my Stumps

Stump Grinder

Tree and Stump Removal for Tyler, TX

Stump grinding is always a good decision.

Felled tree in yard

A Safer Yard

When you choose Integrity Tree Care and Landscaping, you can avoid accidents and inconveniences. Stumps can be trip hazards for those mowing or playing in the yard. They just get in the way. Our team of expert stump grinders and stump removers can remove the stumps in your yard, making it a safer place to enjoy.

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Tree Removal

One & Done

When you pay for a tree to be removed, you don't want the hassle of dealing with it again. Stumps that are left behind can resprout and produce new growth. Eventually, you are going to have to deal with another tree removal. We will remove your entire tree, including the stump, so it is really gone for good.

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Improved landscaping

Improve Landscape

Increase your property value. When you remove stumps from your yard, you remove the perception of a neglected yard. You also improve your landscape and increase your property value at the same time. With that stump gone, you can have extra room for design elements or extra yard space.

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How It Works

  1. Contact Us We will contact you to schedule a consultation at your convenience.
  2. Written Estimate Upon visiting your site and evaluating the needs to complete your job safely, we will provide you with an estimate.
  3. We Cut Some Wood On our scheduled date, we'll arrive on time to remove your tree & leave your property clean and free of debris.
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With 15 years of experience with stump grinding service, we know what it takes to run a high-quality tree business.

  1. Safety

  2. Quick removal and clean-up

  3. Prompt service

  4. Knowledgeable staff

  5. Insured and Bonded

  6. Free estimates

  7. Emergency tree services

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If you need the services of an experienced tree and stump removal team, we can help. Fast, honest, and reliable service–it's what we do.

Integrity Tree Care & Landscaping, the trusted choice in tree and stump removal near Tyler, TX

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