Tree Services for Lindale, TX 

We Do Tree Services & Landscaping Right

We don't just chop down trees. Whether you need tree cutting, removal, landscaping, or both, we've got the experience and dedication to get the job done safely.

For residential and commercial tree care and landscaping in Lindale, TX, contact Integrity Tree Care and Landscaping.

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The Tree Work We Do

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

If there are dead trees on your lawn and landscaping, it could be an eyesore. We remove unwanted trees already dead or freshly fallen after a storm. Give us a call for expert tree service in Lindale.

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Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Sometimes trees grow in haphazard directions. You can do something about that. Your trees will look better and last longer if they're properly pruned and trimmed. We are the experts at tree trimming in Lindale, TX, and can help you manage your trees.

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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

You can't hide stumps. A tree stump takes up usable yard space and decreases the value of your property. Using our stump grinder and experience, we'll remove the stump and roots and clean up our mess.

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Landscaping for Lindale, TX

Regular landscaping maintenance for homeowners and businesses

It doesn't matter if you're looking to landscape a commercial or residential property– we have the experience to help you.

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  • Mow the Lawn

    When you hire our lawn care services, you can rest assured that we are going to take care of keeping diseases from invading your yard.

  • Grass & Lawn Applications

    For your convenience, our team can schedule pre-emergent lawn applications, fertilizers, and pesticides for your lawn, so you don't have to worry about it. 

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning

    When it comes to tree trimming and pruning, we can help our clients achieve their landscaping goals by using proper practices.

We Are Your Landscape Maintenance Company for Lindale, TX

Don't put off taking care of your lawn any longer. We are a landscaping company in Lindale, TX. Our team of landscapers pays attention to details because we understand your first impression is critical. We've got you covered all year long with our scheduled maintenance plans.

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Tree Removal & Landscape Services in Lindale, TX

  1. Schedule Evaluation Contact us to discuss your tree and landscaping needs.
  2. Written Estimate After visiting your site and evaluating your needs, we'll give you an estimate.
  3. We Arrive on schedule Your property will be clean, free of debris, and beautiful when we leave.
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You can trust us to handle your landscaping and tree service needs as a trusted commercial lawn care company.

  • Safety
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  • Prompt service
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  • Insured and Bonded
  • Free estimates
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You'll get the best care for your yard in East Texas with Integrity Tree Care and Landscaping.

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